Celina For Texas

Texas needs a voice that represents our families, our communities, and our businesses.

Celina is a strong community leader with a commitment to real solutions for our public schools, real business experience, and a successful track-record in nonprofit, for profit, and governmental work. Celina's leadership in the community as President of the Junior League of San Antonio, on the board of Landa Gardens Conservancy, as Chair of the San Antonio Area Foundation Women and Girl's Development Fund, and a number of other community organizations and nonprofits demonstrates her commitment to the community at local levels.

A graduate of Alamo Heights, Celina's commitment to public schools goes beyond the boardroom and into the classroom. Celina worked her way through college and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism. After years reporting for Texas Public Radio, Celina left to start one of San Antonio's most successful educational nonprofits, Literacy San Antonio, and established their Signature programs, SAReads.

 Celina with her Husband Luke Girdley and their two children.

Celina with her Husband Luke Girdley and their two children.

As part of a small-business family, Celina has had a number of roles from sales manager to trainer, and is currently the Vice President of Community and Government Relations at Alamo Fireworks, the oldest and largest family-owned fireworks company in the state. She has developed ties to the business community and amassed a deep understanding of the issues that business owners face. She has spearheaded negotiations on behalf of the Texas Fireworks Industry with state and local governments to develop legislation that ensures the rights of small businesses and landowners. She understands the challenges associated with small business ownership and the importance of investing in long-term, strategic growth.

Celina can be seen regularly on SALive, where she contributes a craft segment on behalf of Alamo City Mom’s Blog and demonstrates her belief in the role of creativity and art in developing young minds. In her downtime, Celina can be found spending time with her family enjoying the art, culture, and food of San Antonio.

Celina is running for the Texas State Legislature to serve as a Representative for District 121.


I believe that leaders should have priorities.



As a graduate of Alamo Heights High School, Celina has a personal stake in ensuring that the State is paying its fair share and investing intelligently in public education, rather than passing the buck onto homeowners. The current system is not equitable nor is it structured to provide a quality K–12 education for all. Our children deserve an education that serves the needs of children in the context of today’s society and that will prepare them for the future. Thankfully, she has been proactively working in the classrooms side-by-side with teachers administrators for many years, so she knows the challenges first hand and what it will take to get us on the right track. 


Job Growth

We have to invest in our people. Politicians in both parties like to talk about job growth, but that talk hasn't lived up to the reality for too many students and workers in our region -- and both parties bear the blame for that. We need job training programs that lead to an actual job -- not just a piece of paper. Notably, as a small business owner of one of the oldest family owned businesses in the State, Celina has an abundance of knowledge and experience in job creation and working with policy-makers and legislators to push for legislation that ensures the rights of small businesses and landowners.


Access To Healthcare

Celina believes that every family has a right to go see a doctor when they're sick, and that means every family has a right to health insurance they can afford. She also believes that healthy families contribute to a healthy economy. Access to quality health care is necessary to enable a fully-engaged workforce and to promote academic success. Too often, the most vulnerable among us are left to fend for themselves or simply go without. This leads to a break-down in academic attainment, workforce engagement, and family stability. As a member of the Texas House, Celina will fight to keep premiums low for small businesses so that they can continue to grow, and to make healthcare affordable and available to everyone, without discriminating against those with preexisting conditions.



As a native of San Antonio, Celina profoundly appreciates and understands the contribution that the members of the military make during and after their service on active duty. We owe a great debt to the men and women who defend and have defended our country. We must make sure that we are supporting local military families and veterans, and we need to guarantee that they will receive quick and high-quality care at VA clinics. We also need to increase funding for programs that provide aid for wounded veterans, and support programs that help these men and women find jobs once they get home. As a member of the Texas House, Celina will fight for increased funding to help veterans find jobs, access mental health services and promote opportunities that keep Texas’ veteran populations healthy and productive.

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